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Parasailing Wet or Dry: You Choose How to Fly

There are few things more exhilarating than flying through the beautifully warm air in Okanagan’s parasail. Parasailing is the perfect way to feel like you’re soaring above it all. But how wet do you want to get? There are a number of variations on parasailing, all will give you an amazing experience, but some involve less splashing and more winching than others...

Seasonal Attire: What to Wear

In the spring and fall, parasailing the Okanagan can be a little chilly in the crisp altitudes of Kelowna’s mountains. We’d recommend you dress in layers and bring a windbreaker jacket. Typically we don’t do lake dips during the cooler months as the water can be too chilly.

The summer months are when you can expect to get wet! A dip in the lake after you soar in the air will be a refreshing and fun way to complete your parasail experience. Ultimately, you’ll want clothing that is quick dry and lightweight. A bathing suit is recommended for those who are keen to go all the way in, while those who just want a little, you’ll be fine in a casual summer outfit like shorts and a t-shirt. Bring a towel too if you’d like to be dry after your flight.

We ask guests to remove their shoes so you don’t lose them during your flight, and we also provide you with a life jacket and a special harness for parasailing.

Do NOT wear items that aren’t secured. That means no flip flops, phones tucked into your pockets, glasses without a strap, loose-fitting hats or expensive items such as hearing aids or jewellery.

If you want to bring your cell phone, make sure you have a cell phone pouch that is waterproof and has a strap to secure it, as we are not responsible if you damage or drop it. That’s why we offer a GoPro video package so you can capture those gorgeous aerial views and the excitement on your face!

Lake Dips: Toes to your Nose

One of the best ways to get the most out of your parasailing experience is to request a lake dip. As you are slowly and gently winched back in from your exhilarating flight over Kelowna, you’ll have the opportunity to dip in the lake. We always ask customers whether they’d like just their toes or all the way to their nose! The captain will slow the boat towards the end of your ride and the parasail chute will gently descend towards the water, where you can safely dip your feet/knees/waist/chest or all the way up to your armpits into the lake! Woohoo! This is also a great photo opportunity, whether you’ve got the GoPro package or some friends on the boat that can take photos of you and have a giggle over the face you made during your plunge!

Do I need to know how to swim?

Parasailing is actually one of the only water sports where swimming is not required to fully enjoy it. You hop on the boat, we harness you up and off you go. Your only brush with water is a calculated dip into the ocean and then you land safely back on the boat again. Because you’re wearing a life jacket you’re safe and will float no matter what.

Parasailing is a true thrill for all ages who enjoy the sunny skies and it’s really up to you how wet or dry you’d like to be in the sky! It’s a great way to experience Kelowna from a perspective that you don’t normally see, and with added perks such as a splash or two in the lake, you’ll have some awesome memories to take home with you!


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Only   $79   on flights 9am-11am

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