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Our Journey to the Parasail Conference and the Gems We Brought Back

Okanagan Parasail, situated in the stunning city of Kelowna within the picturesque Okanagan region, isn't merely a parasailing business—it's a team committed to excellence in the industry. In November, our team embarked on an unforgettable journey to the annual Parasail Conference in sunny Sarasota, Florida. This two-day event promised insights, networking, and an opportunity for our team to showcase their dedication to being the safest parasail company in Kelowna.

Couple parasailing tandem together with a view of their feet and Kelowna from a bird's eye view

Rob's Insights

One of the symposium's highlights was Rob, the owner of Okanagan Parasail, taking the stage to share crucial updates. Rob's presentation centered on enhancing safe operating procedures, covering updates on logbook safety checklists, insights into weather considerations, and the importance of daily mechanical checklists. His expertise resonated, underlining our commitment to providing a secure and enjoyable parasailing experience.

Notable Speakers

Esteemed speakers, including Justin Beard of Paradise Parasail, Dan Noah of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Lee Abbott of Custom Chutes, shared insights on the latest industry standards, weather knowledge, and innovations in parachute equipment. These perspectives further reinforced our dedication to adopting the best practices in the Canadian parasail industry.

Live Demos and Special Equipment

The Okanagan Parasail crew was treated to live demos from Gators Parasail, offering a hands-on experience with cutting-edge equipment. The 35' Ocean Pro parasail purpose-built vessel stole the spotlight, showcasing the latest advancements in parasailing technology. The team was particularly excited about the new X Series chutes, eager to explore their capabilities and potential impact on their operations.

Captains at the Helm

A unique opportunity awaited the Okanagan Parasail captains, who were invited to take the helm of the boat with fellow operators from Gold Coast Parasail. Navigating the vessel and experiencing the thrill of flying a special 47' parachute in Sarasota Bay provided invaluable insights. This hands-on experience strengthened the team's connection to their craft, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in delivering a safe and exhilarating parasailing adventure.

Parasail Olympics

As the symposium reached its climax, Okanagan Parasail's captains, Liam and Alan, were ready to defend their title at the Parasail Olympics. Having secured silver medals the previous year, the competition was fierce. Undeterred, they showcased their skills and determination, ultimately earning a commendable bronze this year. The team celebrated the achievement, embodying the spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie that defines the parasailing community.

Amidst the learning and competition, the Okanagan Parasail team basked in the warm balmy weather of Florida. The contrasting experience of the tropical climate served as a refreshing break before their return to the wintery landscape of Kelowna the following week.


In conclusion, our journey to the Sarasota Symposium was transformative. From expert insights to thrilling competitions and warm Florida experiences, the Okanagan Parasail team is armed with not just bronze medals but a wealth of knowledge, ready to implement these learnings and soar to new heights as the safest parasail company in Kelowna.


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