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Discover Kelowna's Hidden Parking Gems for Your Parasailing Adventure!

Welcome to Kelowna, where adventure awaits at every corner! Navigating the parking scene can be a breeze when you know where to find the best spots at the right prices and times. Remember to budget for at least 1.5-2 hour parking for your parasail flight as we need you to arrive 30 minutes before your booking, while you'll spend up to an hour on the boat. In this blog, we'll unveil the hidden gems for parking in Kelowna, so you can focus on enjoying your time parasailing with us!

Library Parkade: A Weekday Gem

Located conveniently close to your parasail adventure, the Library Parkade offers decent weekday rates and is absolutely free on weekends! It's just a short walk away from our waterfront location, making it a perfect choice for your day of exploration. There can be a handful of events throughout the season where there is a fee for parking, so watch for signage.

Street Parking Made Easy: PayByPhone App

For quick stops or shorter visits, street parking in Kelowna is a great option. With readable per-hour rates and the user-friendly PayByPhone app, you can easily pay for your parking without the hassle of searching for change.

Delta Hotel Parking: Watch for Signage

While the Delta Hotel offers parking through the PayByPhone, be mindful of the signage, as some areas may be designated for hotel or casino guests, staff or valet parking only.

1200 Water St and Sunset Drive Parking Lot: Affordable and Shady

Located near the iconic Dolphins Statue, the parking lot at 1200 Water St with entrance from Sunset Drive offers very good rates and plenty of shade for your vehicle. A win-win situation for those hot summer days!

Prospera Place Arena Parking: Water St

For convenience across from the Delta Hotel is Prospera Place Arena on Water St, which has close proximity to us and typically has plenty of spots available. Remember to check the hourly and daily rates where you can use the machine or pay with the app called Indigo. Keep in mind, during some large summer events and concerts the lot is unavailable.

Boat Ramp Parking: A Popular Spot

The parking at the boat ramp is a popular choice but be prepare for busy times where it can get jammed up with boat trailers during the afternoons or weekends. It's also a very small lot with limited spots, but might be a good last-minute option considering how close it is to us if you're running late.

Free Street Parking on Sundays

Sundays just got even better! On this special day, street parking becomes a treat as it's completely free. So, take advantage and explore the area before your parasail ride, without worrying about parking fees.

2-Hour Zones for Adventurers

If you don't mind a walk, consider the 2-hour parking zones a little further away down the neighbouring streets. Although you'll need to leave plenty of time to walk to our location, you can turn the stroll into a delightful journey through the charming streets of Kelowna. You could even rent a lime scooter or bike to navigate the streets a little faster!

Arrive Early, Reap the Rewards

The early bird gets the parking spot! Our best tip is to arrive early, and you'll find plenty of choices in prime locations. Leaving your group plenty of time to find parking and arrive at our location ensures a stress-free check-in if you have a little trouble finding us.

With these insider tips, navigating parking in Kelowna will be a breeze. From the Library Parkade to free street parking on Sundays, and affordable lots with shade, Kelowna has parking options to suit everyone's preferences. Whether you arrive early or venture a bit further, remember to embrace the journey as you explore all the wonders this city has to offer. Happy parking and happy parasail adventures!

*PLEASE NOTE: Parking rates and availability may vary. Always check for updated information before your visit.*


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