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Summer Captured: 5 Stunning Customer Photos from Our Parasail Adventures

As the summer season draws to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the extraordinary moments that filled the skies and waters of Okanagan Lake. Our customers, the adventurous souls who embraced the thrill of parasailing in Kelowna, have become the storytellers of their own incredible journeys. Through the lens of their cameras, they've managed to encapsulate the pure essence of summer - blue skies, boundless horizons, and the joy of adventure. We invite you to embark on a visual journey as we share five extraordinary photos captured by our cherished customers this summer. These images, filled with beauty, excitement, and awe, will transport you to the heart of our parasailing experiences. Join us in celebrating the spirit of summer and the unforgettable moments it has brought us.

Couple parasailing tandem together with a view of their feet and Kelowna from a bird's eye view

A Bird's-Eye View of Kelowna

Soaring high above the crystal-clear waters of Okanagan Lake with the vast blue skies above you. In this photo taken by one of our customers, you get to experience the exhilaration of parasailing from their perspective. From nearly 300 feet up, you can see the stunning panorama of the lake and the Westbank area below. What's truly captivating is the customer's view of their own feet as they ride tandem, dangling freely in the air. It's a perfect snapshot of the awe-inspiring experience that parasailing offers.

Ready for the Skies

This vibrant photo encapsulates the anticipation and excitement of a family parasailing adventure. A dad and his two kids, all smiles, sit on the back of the parasail boat, harnessed and ready to take off. What adds to the charm of this shot is that it was taken by one of our vigilant deckhands, the ones ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. With these smiling faces, they signal their readiness for an unforgettable experience high above Kelowna's waters.

Captain Rob's Co-Pilot

In this candid moment captured during our parasailing season, this young boy finds himself at the helm, steering the boat at a slow speed back to marina with our dedicated captain, Rob. The sheer delight on the little boy's face is undeniable, reflecting the sense of wonder and empowerment that our adventures aim to provide. In the background, our second maple-leaf parasail soars in the sky. Our captains' commitment to ensuring each customer has an unforgettable experience is exemplified in this photo. It's a testament to the extraordinary moments created by our team and the spirit of adventure we foster in every parasailing journey.

Teamwork at Its Best

This moving photo captures a moment of shared exhilaration on our parasail boat. Two kids, side by side, are all smiles after their thrilling parasail ride. In the background, Captain Alan and Deckhand Preston, are seen in action as they expertly pull down our largest parachute after a day of soaring adventures. What makes this image particularly remarkable is the teamwork and coordination it showcases among our crew, who work diligently to ensure a smooth and safe parasail experience. The faint haze in the background, a result of the impending wildfires reminding us of the challenges the region faced. Despite this, the spirit of adventure and the resilience of our team shine through, that which defines our parasailing adventures.

Smiles and Souvenirs

This heartwarming photo captures the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that our parasail adventures provide. Here, our cherished customers stand alongside Captain Rob, and Deckhand Bre, after an unforgettable parasail experience. The smiles on everyone's faces represent the shared sense of achievement and joy that defines our parasail excursions, leaving everyone with cherished memories to last a lifetime. It's not just a photo; it's a testament to the bonds created during these adventures and the dedication of our crew to ensuring that our customers have an extraordinary time.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of our customers who shared these fantastic photos. Your enthusiasm, smiles, and adventurous spirit have not only created unforgettable memories but have also allowed us to relive those moments through your eyes. Your photos are a testament to the incredible journeys we've embarked on together this summer. Thank you for being a part of our parasailing family and for sharing these cherished moments with us. As we bid farewell to this summer, we look forward to the adventures yet to come.


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