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100 Years Young: A Sky-High Birthday Celebration

On June 10th, our team at Okanagan Parasail had the incredible honour of hosting a very special guest for a truly memorable event. Arpad, a sprightly 100-year-old, along with his daughter Sue and grandson Philip, made the trip from North Vancouver to celebrate his milestone birthday in the most exhilarating way possible: parasailing.

Okanagan Parasail Team with family of 100 year old man


This wasn't Arpad's first time experiencing the thrill of parasailing. In fact, he had already soared above the waves in Mexico on his 80th and 90th birthdays. His daughter, Sue, thought it would be perfectly fitting for him to mark his centennial birthday with another parasailing adventure. Determined to make this day unforgettable, his family were there to support and cheer him on every step of the way.

From the moment Arpad and his family arrived, our crew was dedicated to making him feel comfortable and excited for his flight. We understand that parasailing can be a bit daunting, especially for someone celebrating such an impressive age, but Arpad's enthusiasm was contagious. His eyes sparkled with excitement, and his broad smile reflected his adventurous spirit.


Our team took extra care in preparing for Arpad's flight. We briefed him thoroughly on the safety procedures, ensured his harness was perfectly fitted, and answered any questions he and his family had. Safety is our top priority, and we wanted to make sure that Arpad felt secure and at ease before takeoff.

As the boat left the dock and headed out to open waters, Arpad sat comfortably, surrounded by the beauty of Okanagan Lake and his family. When it was time for his flight, our crew assisted him to the back of the boat and securely fastened his parasailing harness. With Sue and Philip cheering from the deck, Arpad was ready to soar.

The boat picked up speed, and Arpad was gradually lifted into the sky. His solo flight, a testament to his courage and adventurous spirit, was relaxed and peaceful. Watching a 100-year-old man gracefully glide above the water was truly inspirational.



Arpad’s flight not only marked a personal milestone but also set a new record for our company. Never before had we taken someone of such an impressive age parasailing. It was a historic moment for us, one that we will cherish forever. Arpad's journey into the sky was a vivid reminder that age is just a number and that adventure knows no bounds.


After his flight, Arpad returned to the boat with a beaming smile. He gave us the biggest thumbs-up filling the moment with pure joy and celebration. His parasailing adventure marked a unique achievement as the oldest person to parasail with us.

For our team, Arpad's parasailing adventure was more than just another flight. It was a powerful reminder of why we do what we do. Being part of such significant moments in our guests' lives is a privilege.


To Arpad, Sue, and Philip: thank you for allowing us to be a part of this remarkable celebration. Your family’s joy and Arpad’s adventurous spirit have left an unforgettable mark on our hearts. Here’s to many more adventures and to celebrating life’s milestones, big and small, in the most extraordinary ways.


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