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You've Been On A Boat, But You've Never Experienced This!

Summer is finally here, and with it comes one of the best parts of summer: being on the water! But what if you want to take your summer adventures to the next level? Well, Maeg's BBQ Boats are here to make your life that much more awesome. These electric boats are equipped with your own propane BBQ so you can enjoy all your favourite foods on the water! From grilling burgers, steaks and veggies, these boats have enough room for all your friends and family. If a day on the lake is what you’ve got planned for this weekend, why not try a 2-hour BBQ boat rental!

The Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Fun

BBQ boats are the perfect way to get your friends and family together for a day out on the lake. With this boat, you will be able to take your tasty grilling foods all the way to the water! You can have as much food as you want and grill it up right over the water. These boats come with everything you need: coolers (remember to bring your own ice!), grills, propane tank, and bbq utensils. There is plenty of room-so bring some extra friends if you want!

If you’re looking for something a little easier to manage, we’ve partnered with TJ’s Grazing in Kelowna who can prepare a grazing box or a grilling box specially for your rental or tour. Check out details here or drop us a line.

Make Your Lake Day Extra Special

While these boats are great for BBQs, they’re also available for rent for so many occasions. Book a party in one of these fun floating donuts and enjoy hosting a bachelor or bachelorette, engagement parties, birthdays or a corporate team-building event. The possibilities are endless! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy summer on a BBQ boat!

A two-hour rental of one of these boats starts at $295 (+tax) for up to 10 people. You can also add an extra hour or two when you book for, which starts at $85 an hour. There are also 45-minute guided tours which start at $25 per person, in which a captain can take you and your friends or family for a trip around the lake. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks but the BBQ is unavailable for this tour.

The Best Part of these Boats?

Maeg’s BBQ Boats care about sustainability and so should you. That’s why the boats are electric and have an easy-to-manoeuvre motor that can get you around at a leisurely speed on the lake. It’s recommended to motor out to a spot in the middle of Okanagan Lake and then stop to chill and grill whilst enjoying and soaking up those summer vibes.

You’ll also be excited to learn that they come with a rope ladder on the side. This means you are free to jump/dive/swim your way off the boat in any way you please whilst enjoying your trip. Just remember to be safe and keep close to the boat so other lake users can spot you while swimming.

These boat rentals will surely impress your guests and give them lasting memories that will keep you coming back every summer.

BBQ boats are the best way to enjoy a day on the lake. Whether you’ve been invited to a BBQ, or are hosting one, these boats offer the perfect platform for a fun day out on Okanagan Lake. With plenty of room for food, drinks, and friends, BBQ boats are the ultimate outdoor cooking fun. The best part of these boats? They provide a memorable and beautiful backdrop for your lake day. So book your next adventure with a BBQ boat in tow!

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