"My name is Carlie and I am 8 years old.  I just went parasailing with my friend Nolan, who is 9.  It's awesome!!
I also went with my sisters, Jenna and Katrina, who are 6 and 4.  The three of us got to go up in the air together; how cool. "

"We absolutely enjoyed our trip. The pictures we got were amazing. Would definitely recommend for anyone visting the area. Rick. "

"I've always wanted to try parasailing. It was so much fun, I couldn't stop laughing. The Captain was a great chap who kept us entertained the whole time! Very professional and safe, will be going again!"

"I have been afraid of flying and heights all my life.  I was in Kelowna this past summer and somehow got talked into going parasailing.  To my surprise, it was the most awesome thing I have ever done.  It was like floating in the sky, so peaceful.  If given the chance, I would definitely do it again. " Joyce Myers (age 62)

 "I would like to thank you for the parasailing experience. I was kind of leary about going up, but I sure am glad that I did.  It was just awesome.  No one back home could believe that I actually did it, but I have the pictures for proof."

"Parasailing was one of the simplest and most thrilling ways to have fun. My soccer team and I couldn't have done anything more exciting to end our season by going parasailing together. 
We were able to go in groups of three and didn't stop smiling or laughing the entire time. The guys on the boat were great and we all had a fantastic time together. I hope it's something we can do again!!"
 Dylan - Kelowna, BC

"What surprised me the most about my elevated experience was the serenity. Whenever I watched skydiving or any other airborne activity, the videos were all filled with noise of air rushing across the microphone. With parasailing, there is only silence. I thought the experience would be exhilarating, but it was more relaxing. "